Vertical frame saw DTRB-63

Vertical frame saw DTRB-63

Intended use

A highly efficient frame saw manufactured in Bydgoszcz – the vertical frame saw is intended for converting coniferous and deciduous wood logs or piles into unedged or edged timber within a scope specified by technical data.

The saws can be used in sawmills, forestry and other facilities: in a technological line of various degrees of mechanisation. They are characterised by low electric energy consumption per m3 of converted wood.

Use of the saws requires a two-level conversion hall.

Technical specification

Lightly structure cast iron mounts with a C-shaped cross section are connected with joints, forming the frame.

The main roller is mounted on two barrel roller bearings, and crank pins are set in flywheels. The flywheels with a self–expanding hub allow for easy periodic replacement of the main bearings.

The infeed/outfeed mechanism is powered by an electric motor controlled smoothly from the operator’s station.

The furrowed feed rollers guarantee smooth log or pile movement during the conversion process. The rollers are consist of indented units. Hydraulic actuators raise the feed rollers and clamp the material.

The main drive with electric motor and gear is mounted on a special lay shaft which allows for setting the saw into a neutral gear without turning the engine off.

Central, automatic lubrication of the saw frame guides ensures proper functioning of the saw.

The saw is equipped with a manual band brake.

From the conversion level, the saw is equipped with sound–absorbing covers.

The mobile sawdust extractor is responsible for removing sawdust outside the base.

The saw cooperates with the feeding carriages and other devices offered by FOD which form a conversion unit.

FOD provide comprehensive solutions for wood conversion lines of 1 to over 12 metres in a sawmill. Conversion lines can be equipped with log conveyors, tools for sorting conveyed wood into piles and timber for further processing with multi-blade saws, edgers and cross-cut saws offered by FOD.

Technical specification
Measurement Unit DTRB-63
Frame passage width (span of the saw frame)  mm  650
Saw frame stroke  mm  520
Drive pulley width  mm  80 - 570
Minimum length of converted logs  mm  2200
Maximum revolutions rpm  300
Feed rate (per one revolution of the main shaft) mm/1 rev  4 - 30
Maximum number of blades unit  12
Main motor  kW  45
Feed motor power  kW  4
Estimated overall dimensions (without equipment) – length x width x height  mm  2500 x 2200 x 3200
Weight  kg  9000

Additional equipment:

  • Log carriage DTBF
  • Auxiliary carriage DTCB
  • Sorting device DTKA 35
  • Rail S18 L = 24m
  • Clamps and Saw blades
  • Longitudinal and lateral feeders
  • Sorting bridges etc.

    Additional equipment available separately, charged extra.