Gate carriage FTCA

Gate carriage FTCA

Intended use

Extraction gate carriage is used to extract and move timber (logs/cants/flitches/planks) along the outfeed rollers in frame saw machines with the drive pulley width of 570 mm.

Technical specification

  • The frame is made from closed shapers.
  • Three track wheels are made of steel and protected against derailing.
  • In the upper part of the carriage two supporting brackets are welded in, which serve as the base for mounting the clamp arms. Lateral arm movement, while the clamp is holding a log, is blocked by means of a bolt, after the clamps have already been tightened.
  • The carriage moves along the track mounted on supporting brackets of the outfeed pulleys.
  • The carriage is operated by one operator.
  • The carriage might be adjusted to operate on the right or left side of the track.

    Technical – operational specifications
Track wheel width mm 1110
Maximum width between arms’ clamps mm 700
Pivoting capacity of the clamps above the rollers/pulleys mm 635
Weight kg 150