Lateral feeder FBCA

Lateral feeder FBCA

Intended use

Lateral feeder with ejector customised for sawmill mechanisation serves as a buffer storage for logs to be converted. Comes in two variants FBCA and FBCB right or left-sided.

Log feeding is done by means of a clamping carriage.

The lateral feeder works in unison with the ejector, which singulates the log pile and loads them onto the longitudinal feeder or directly on the log carriage DTBF or the support carriage DTCB. This type of log feeding improves the efficiency of the wood processing and enables a head to head processing mode.

Technical specification

The lateral feeder has a frame made from welded shapers. Because the frame needs to be shipped to the customer it comes in attachable elements.

Drive shaft with chain wheels are connected by drive chains.

Drive systems of the feeder use a separate gear-motor from the ejector’s.

They are both controlled directly from the control panel in the DTBF carriage or an independent panel.

On demand, the feeders may be customised to the customer’s suggested dimensions.

 Technical specifications Measurement Unit FBCA-300 FBCA 300/6
Maximum length of logs fed mm 6000 8000
Allowed load capacity kg 2000 3000
Feeder - Ejector feeding speed m/sek 0,15 0,15
length mm 4040 6640
width (with ejector) mm 4200 4200
height mm 1270 1270
weight kg 2000 3000