Intended use

This sorting mechanism is equipped with two outfeed sorting barrels which enable the feed of converted timber, as well as clearing side timber and short pieces of waste wood from the working space of the saw. Because of this mechanical sorting/clearing, manual operation of the outfeed is unnecessary.

Stabilising barrels included in the package improve working safety conditions via reduction of random and uncontrollable timber and timber waste movement, and clearing them from the working space.

The barrels, constructed from saw blades, are pressed on the plates of the sorting mechanism, thanks to hydraulic motors and cylinders. The revolving speed ensures proper outfeed even at maximum capacity of the saw. These outfeed rollers make timber extraction much easier and safer by reducing the necessity of human interaction.

Removes short waste timber

The outfeed mechanism of the sorting device is also responsible for clearing the saw working space from short converted timber pieces, and improves safety of the operating staff by limiting the movements of timber and waste.

Technical specification

The outfeed system consists of two outfeed barrels (left and right) driven by hydraulic motor of the saw.

Two hydraulic motors, type DANFOS, are mounted on the upper part of the barrels.

The barrels are mounted in revolving fashion, on a column bolted into the sorting table frame.

The rollers are mounted in a revolving fashion on a column bolted to the sorting table frame.

Technical – operational specifications:

  • maximum barrel width - 650 mm,
  • hydraulic mechanism pressure - 40 atmospheres (adjusted to the roller lifting pressure),
  • outfeed roller revolutions - 23 rpm
  • roller diameter - 315 mm,
  • weight - 580 kg.