Double-sided saws DPPA-III-50E

Double-sided saws DPPA-III-50E

Intended use

DPPA-III-50E multi-saw edger

The double-sided edger is intended for longitudinal cutting of planks and bales. With an additional bushing mounted on the spindle, up to 10 saw blades can be fixed to the edger which in turn can be used to cut slats. The number of saw blades depends on timber thickness and the main drive motor power. The edger can be used in sawmills and wood processing plants.

Technical specification

The edging process is done by means of two circular saw blades used for longitudinal cutting. One of the blades is mounted on a solid bushing (non-sliding), and the other on a sliding bushing – adjusted to appropriate dimensions via right/left buttons. An additional saw can be fixed to the non-sliding Cushing to obtain slats from the sides of edged timber (side edgings). 

The edger frame features: saw blade spindle system, blade sliding mechanism, kerf indicator, upper sliding rollers with an up-down system, lower sliding rollers, kickback suppressor. 

Material is fed mechanically with three lower and two upper sliding rollers mounted on swing arms, ensuring accurate guidance of the cut material. The sliding rollers are driven by a gear motor which guarantees smooth adjustment of the feed within a specified range.

Feed of the saw is controlled with an electronic processor. electronically. It provides 12 programmed cuts of timber, adjustable with buttons on the control panel. All data regarding the memorised and current cut width settings are shown on the panel’s terminal.

From the infeed end, the edger may come with two segments of an infeed table of max 5400 mm in length and a laser marking system.

The edger operator is protected from a work piece being hurled out of the machine by a kickback suppressor.

The edger is equipped with electrical blockades (for safe operation) and soundproof screens.

The edger is produced in a right side variant (which means that the operator’s station is located on the left side of the infeed table).

Additional equipment available, on demand. The choice of equipment depends on the customers’ needs.


Technical specifications Measurement Unit DPPA-III-50E
Edger span (width) mm 730
Edging width/kerf (depends on the variant of blade saw mount) mm 50 - 500
Thickness of edged material mm 12 - 100
Minimum length of edged material mm 800
Maximum saw blade diameter mm 350 (400)
Number of saw blades (edging) unit 2
Number of saw blades (slat edging) unit 10
Spindle revolution speed rpm 2860
Feed rate m/min 10 - 90
Vertical span (stroke) mm 105
Saw blade motor kW 18,5; 30; 45
Dimensions (excluding the table L x W x H) mm ~2560 x 1410 x 1340
Weight kg 3200

Additional equipment:

  • Circular saw for longitudinal cutting with an additional hole ø 9/58 mm
  • Fixed bushing for slats (without saws);
  • Spacer rings for slats (complete) – as per agreed specification;
  • Laser system;
  • Infeed table unit
  • Collection table unit

    Additional equipment is not included in the price of a basic machining tool (delivered at the request of a customer against
    a separate fee).