Cross-cut circular saw FPDA

Cross-cut circular saw FPDA

Intended use

Cross-cut circular saw FPDA is intended to cross cut of boards, logs or square-sawn timbers in the sawmill industry. The saw operates in wide range of dimensional and efficiency parameters. It can be also used for transverse length cut and for cutting off defects in wood or wood like material.

Technical specification

Left and right sided variants available.

  • Main components of the saw include: body and sawing systems, timber engaging, feeding and pneumatic systems.
  • The circular saw is powered directly by an electric motor.
  • Feeding system is driven by pneumatic actuator.

Technical specifications Measurement Unit FPDA
Saw diameter mm 500
Rotation speed  rpm 2865
Saw motor kW 6,5
Maximum cut height at material width of 220 mm mm 140
Max cutting width at material thickness of up to 60 mm
mm 600
Weight (without tables)
kg ~500

Additional equipment:

  • Infeed table unit
  • Infeed table unit with bumpers

Additional equipment is not included in the price of a basic machining tool (delivered at the request of a customer against a separate fee).