Vertical frame saw FTAA-60

Vertical frame saw FTAA-60

Intended use

The vertical frame saw manufactured in Bydgoszcz is intended for converting coniferous and deciduous wood logs or piles into unedged timber within a scope specified by technical data.

Saws of this type can be used in small-size sawmills, forestry and agricultural farms, individual and other facilities.

With their small dimensions and the upper roller drive, they can be installed in sawmill halls or other single-level rooms. They are characterised by low electric energy consumption per m3 of converted wood.

A special attachment can be used to convert chocks, short scraps and pulpwood pieces of at least 1 m in length.

Technical specification

The frame is made of cast iron and comes with a flywheel drive system mounted at the top, which drives the frame via crank shafts.

The frame itself holds up to 12 saw blades specified in a list of additional equipment.

Five feeding cylinders connected with a chain are driven by a gear motor which ensures stepless adjustment of the feed from the operator’s station.

The upper rollers are raised by hydraulic actuators, mounted on the saw frame.

The saw is powered by an electric motor which drives once of the flywheels with a fan belt system. 

The saw is equipped with a manual handbrake to stop the saw frame in the upper position when replacing the saws.

Central, automatic lubrication of the saw frame guides ensures their proper functioning and durability.

FOD provide comprehensive solutions for wood conversion lines of 3 to 12 metres. Conversion lines can be equipped with log conveyors, tools for sorting conveyed wood into piles and timber for further processing with multi-blade saws, edgers and cross-cut saws offered by FOD.

Technical specification Measurement Unit FTAA-60
Frame passage width (span of the saw frame)
mm 600
Stroke of the saw frame mm 400
Drive pulley width mm 60 - 550
Minimum log length mm 2200 opcja (1000)
Max revolutions rpm 280
Feed rate
mm/1 rev 2,5 - 18
Maximum number of blades
unit 12
Main motor kW 30
Feed motor kW 2,2
Dimensions mm 1490 x 1600 x 2270
Weight kg 4900


Additional equipment:

•    DTBF or DTBD feeding carriage
•    DTCB auxiliary carriage
•    Sorting device
•    Rail S18 L = 24m
•    Brackets and frame saws
•    Device for feeding short logs
•    Pressure roller sub-assembly
•    Collection roller unit
•    Longitudinal and cross conveyors
•    Sorting bridges, etc.

Additional equipment is not included in the price of a basic machining tool (delivered at the request of a customer against a separate fee).