Carriage WSP

Carriage WSP

Intended use

Log carriage WSP is used to carry and supply a saw/mill with logs and log piles with drive pulley width of 570 mm.

Technical specification

  • Carriage frame, ball bearing housings and track wheels made of cast iron.
  • A reinforcing support plate is mounted on the front of the frame, which ensures the logs transported on the carriage do not roll off.
  • Two support brackets are bolted in the back of the frame, which serve as the mounting base for the arm clamping mechanism. Lateral movement of the arms and log turning is controlled manually by means of a steering wheel and a lever.
  • The carriage is operated by one operator.

Technical specifications Measurement Unit WSP
Carriage track width mm 750
Maximum width between arms’ clamps mm ~700
Support height (counted from the surface of the rail heads) mm 390
Weight kg 350


Warning: The offer might be adjusted in accordance with machinery modernisation