We encourage you to make use of our services:

I. Designing Technological Lines for Wood Processing.

  • designing sawmills
  • modernisation of a conveying and wood processing line
  • adaptation of mechanisation to the existing halls
  • catalogue and specialist machining tools
  • mechanisation design at a request

 II. Maintenance, verification, renovation, repairing of wood processing machines and devices:

  • general overhauls of sawmills, edgers, parquet floor fitters, band saws and other machines
  • repairs and regeneration of vertical frame saw units (stators, saw frames, drive units, guides, etc.)
  • modernisation of wood processing machines and devices (control cabinets, feeders with inverter, central greasing systems, etc.) and their adaptation to the minimum occupational health and safety requirements
  • disassembly and installation of used sawmill machines

 III. Repair and renovation of other devices (after proper technical consultation):

  • bushing of frames;
  • replacement and provision of additional unit components, etc.

 IV. Welding – metal sheet working services

  • welding structures, frames and other details;
  • burning small elements out of 100 mm thick sheets
  • cutting sheets (max thickness 15 mm, max width 2.5 m);
  • bending sheets (max thickness 15 mm, max width 2 m);
  • cutting out sheets – Pulmax (max thickness 4 mm);

V. Additional services FOD BYDGOSZCZ

  • grinding treads of band saw Wheel;
  • dynamic balancing (max weight 300 kg);
  • paintworks


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