FOD is a leader in woodworking and wood processing machinery production. Our company utilises on-site produced woodworking machines and devices in order to realise complex assembly of sawmill log conversion systems. Our offer includes: frame saws, multi – saw machines, edgers, band resaws and cross – cut saws, planers, moulders/milling machines, as well as log and timber conveyors/feeders, which are used in designing individual mechanisation services of wood processing lines

The Factory offers wide range of components and spare parts for its products, including:

For frame gang saws: saw frames, motor systems, connecting rods, frame bearings, frame saw blocks, feed roll system segments, feed system cogwheels, chains, hydraulic system components, electric drive components, lubricant system components, etc.

For resawing devices – sorting/splitting plates, feed components

For carriages - turning and feeding components, supports, track wheels, splitters, valves

For edgers - spindles, bushings, feed rollers, bearing supports, feeding system components, etc. 


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