Longitudinal feeder FBWA

Longitudinal feeder FBWA

Intended use

Chain longitudinal feeder with ejector FBWA is used for sawmill mechanisation and serves as means of transport for logs from initial loading (from the lateral feeder) to the saw log feeding carriage.

It comes in three variants, each customised for logs of different lengths: 4000, 6000 mm and 12000 mm. It is fully customised to work with FOD produced carriages.

Technical specification

The feeder is constructed from three, four or five parts (depending on the variant), bolted together on - site at customer’s location. Separating the feeder into parts simplifies the transport.

Feeder components include:

  • feeder segment I,
  • feeder segment II,
  • single or double middle segments,
  • extension segment.

Once assembled, the drive chain is installed in the machine drive system.
The extension segment includes mounted electrically – driven ejector.
Electric drive and control enables intuitive operation, complex task management, and proper cooperation between other devices on the line.
FBWA feeder comes in a right or left sided variant.