Conveyor of short logs to the saw FTAA-60

Conveyor of short logs to the saw FTAA-60

Intended use

The short timber feeder is an attachment/extension of the FTAA-60 Saw which enables feeding and conversion of logs. It is used for producing short wood planks or pallets.

Technical specification

The feeder is a welded construction consisting of chassis unit, guide rail, base, and a system of additional upper drive pulleys/rollers.

It is possible to convert long timber on the drive pulleys mounted, which were originally adapted to the conversion of short timber, even without their replacement.

Feeder mechanism is driven by a gear – motor operating the bottom shaft by means of two drive chains.

Feeders mounted on the saw on – site, at the producer’s are driven by drive chains installed at the front bottom shaft.

Technical specifications Measurement Unit  
Track wheel width (adjusted to the saw span):
max mm 540
min mm 100
Minimum log length mm 1000
Factory feeder length mm 700x750x2760