Carriage DTBF

Carriage DTBF

Intended use

Log carriage is used to carry and supply a saw/mill with logs and log piles with diameters between 100 to 750 mm.

Technical specification

Carriage body is made of profiled steel. A new, modernised model of the DTBF carriage is based on reinforced, welded body/frame of a log pivoting system, which is more reliable and less prone to accidental misuse.

Carriage drive is based on a hydraulic gear shaft, regulated as a variable-speed drive via chain wheels running on a chain – covered track. Change of direction is achieved by pressing a pedal.

This device is used to manipulate a log, in space. The log may be set in the clamping mechanism, moved laterally, and pivoted, all thanks to hydraulic systems installed in the carriage. It is manually controlled, by means of hydraulic levers located on the operator’s left, however log pivoting is achieved by the use of a foot pedal.

Control panel of the DTBF carriage is used to manipulate the auxiliary carriage, activate the saw and regulate the load/capacity of the feed, and control the cylinders, etc. The carriage is equipped with antivibratory seat, mounted on flow - moving frame and springy rubber elements, thus isolating the staff from wood processing vibrations.

Technical specification Measurement Unit DTBF
Carriage track width mm 750
Minimum width between arms’ clamps mm 100
Maximum width between arms’ clamps mm 800
Total lateral movement capacity mm 180
Clamp turning angle n 360 degrees
Support height (counted from the surface of the rail heads) mm 405
Speed - forwards m/min 0 - 100
Speed - reverse m/min 0 - 100
Drive (motor) and indented pump capacity kW 4
Ength mm 2816
Width mm 750
Height mm 1150
Weight kg 1200

Warning: The offer might be adjusted in accordance with machinery modernisation.